Billionaire Sushi Platter

A curated experience of handcrafted rolls, sashimis and new style nigiris. Ideal to share amongst four sushi lovers.

Smoked Duck Rice

Cooked jasmine rice mixed with puffed rice, crisp fried confit duck leg meat, sliced shiitakes and green onions. Topped with thinly sliced duck breast, dusted with yukari and shredded green onions and finished table side with a sweet plum sauce poured over.

BBQ Chilean Sea Bass

Barbequed sea bass fillet finished over the warayaki and brushed lightly with a black pepper chilli relish and served with a light butter sauce flavoured with light soy and yuzu.
Wrapped in bamboo leaves and finished with beurre blanc foam over the fish.

Freshwater prawns

Whole prawns with grilled on our Robata and served with a spicy chipotle butter sauce.
Served on the side is a few steamed bao buns to eat with the chipotle butter.


clear, earthy, aromatic  
gin, truffle vodka, citric acid, eucalyptus stray

Akina’s take on the classic martini. an earthy tipple that not only stirs the mind but also the soul. 

Sakura Bliss
citrusy, tea-ish, dry
home-made sakura liqueur, sparkling wine, orange zest

A deceptively sparkling drink. Akina’s very own fizzy concoction with a beautiful base of the aromatic sakura. a sip will never be enough.

Ichigo Ichie
rich, tarty, aromatic
pisco, strawberry and rhubharb campari, sweet vermouth, orange and rosemary spray  

A latin twist with a touch of strawberry. from faraway lands comes this chance encounter of distinct flavours to create something just like a dream. 

Double Diamond Fuji
crisp, lightly spiced, citrus finish
toki, umeshu, gari brine, seltzer   

A Japanese twist to a classic highball. a taste of an experience you’ll never forget, like the first sunrise etched in your mind. a treat for whiskey and cocktail lovers alike, the double diamond fuji in Akina’s words is a ‘must try!’

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